Mission Statement
The character "S" in our logo implies more than just the first character of our company name.

This character stands for the identification of the three principles our corporate policy is based upon.

Schmits, Scientifical approach

  • We operate from a scientific approach.
  • Our employees are highly educated.
  • They are capable of analyzing and
  • Solving problems is a structured fashion.

Schmits, Societal marketing

Schmits constantly remains driven to reach pragmatic solutions. With many clients we have already proven to be able to quickly and efficiently provide solutions for questions in various areas.

Schmits, Solution driven

Our goals are to be reached by using a scope with long-term views of which we are convinced that both the continuity of the company and environment will be safeguarded.
These scopes concern the relations with the clients, the personnel, the environment and the society. Respect, integrity and kindness are our values when using these scopes.

Our organisation is a member of the VNCI (The Dutch Chemical Industry Association) and the NTI (The Dutch Textile Institute).

Furthermore our company has committed itself themselves to Responsible Care, which implies:
"That the company shall do anything possible to ensure that its corporate activities related to the production, distribution and storage of chemical products are to take place with the greatest care possible concerning health, safety, protection of the environment and for quality."
For further information on Responsible Care look under environment.

Inside the premises safety requirements apply resulting from the PGS-15 guidelines (Publication series Hazardous Materials) which were drawn up by the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment. Maintenance of both the plant and the site takes place accordingly, thus ensuring continuing compliance with the most recent directives.

In 1974 the company was founded as a supplier for the textile industry in the east of The Netherlands in particular. In 1978 a producer of cleansing agents was taken over, which was a welcome supplement as it allowed for the application of the same raw materials for these cleansing products.

In 1981 its shares were taken over by Mr Johan Schmits. As from the start the production process has consisted of the mixing of existing chemicals into products for a highly multi-purpose application area in the world of textile finishing products and cleansing. In addition as from the beginning a wide variety of contracting activities have been carried out.
In particular the highly succesful development of auxiliaries for the production of adhesive lining cloth has stimulated us specializing in this area even further. In addition to the spectacular growth of this product group the other product groups have experienced steady growth, as a consequence of which we decided in 1990 to search for company premises that would offer more space. The result was that we moved into our completely new plant, built in accordance with the most recent environmental requirements. Our new plant was opened in Almelo in 1994.

In 2007 the shares have been sold through a management buy-out to the present board of directors: Mr. Miechel Zweers and Mr. Jurgen Bolscher. Still the textile, cleansing and toll-manufacturing are important points of interest, however more and more we deliver tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with the customer. Therefore we now present us as Schmits Chemical Solutions.

Schmits is an industrial organisation employing approximately 30 people. The company specializes in the development and production for our present and future market demand. The primary process comprises the Department for Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, Purchase & Logistics and for Production. These processes are supported by the Administrative department, the Quality department, the Automation and the Technical department.
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